Wild Geese in season 2

Wild Geese ( ワイルド・ギース) is Sharo's pet rabbit during Season 2.

He was found hiding in the premises of her residence and after she was unable to get him to leave, she begrudgingly accepted his staying there (with help from Rize).



Wild Geese is an average gray rabbit with fluffy fur and light gray markings. His sharp black eyes are often seen slanted and he has a scar under his right eye. His inner-ear is light pink, and he has a tuft of hair swept over his eyes.

Normally he can be seen chewing on a piece of grass or a leaf.


Wild Geese is seen as a carefree and "careless" rabbit who often makes trouble for others. He has tripped Rize with no thought, and appears to have little to no emotion, even as Sharo attempts to be honest with him and show her true feelings. Because of his facial structure, he looks rude and ruthless.

At times he would appear near Sharo and even touched her; but it was unknown if this was out of affection or just to tease her, knowing she's afraid of him.


Wild Geese met Sharo sometime prior to the series before she met Rize when she crossed his path one day. Rize managed to get rid of him and later, he began to start reappearing around Sharo.

In Season 2, he somehow took up residence in Sharo's home after finding a way inside.


Wild Geese - As Rize gave them the name, it must be referring to the legendary and skilled group of mercenaries called "Wild Geese".


  • He was one of the few cameo characters in Season 1

    the original Wild Geese

    who went to gain a larger role in Season 2.
  • Wild Geese's behavior and design is based on the image of Japanese delinquents.
  • For reasons unknown, he gained a slight design change during Season 2. Possibly to give him a softer image.


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