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  • Theta444

    This Blog Was Request & Planned For Only Gochiusa Girls/Song as Downloadable Content On Miracle Girls Festival!!!

    New Song : 

    Noopoi - Petit Rabbit (Opening Song Of Season 2 & Wonderful Party Game)

    Nichijou Decoration - Petit Rabbit (Ending Song Of Gochiusa Episode 12)

    New Costume Pack For Is The Order A Rabbit? Girls :

    - Wonderful Party Pack

    - Pajama Suit (Note : Rize will Putting Her Hair Down Instead Twintails)

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  • Theta444

    Welcome to Is the order a rabbit? Wikia. On June 2016, You can start Your vote & Pick a Favorite girls On International Saimoe League. This wikia Only Deserve For Gochiusa Characters. Visit

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