Update: We have decided to start up on an English Gochiusa news providing service! You can access to it through Twitter:  which is also supported by a website:

Apparently not many know where to find such places so I thought it may be convenient to write a post about it here. To get straight to the point, the fastest way to keep up and receive news and information about Gochiusa is the official twitter account:

For those who can't read Japanese there are plenty of alternatives such as:

The subreddit posts about the newest translated chapters as well as important tweets from the official twitter account, translated in English of course, most of the time there are just anime or manga caps about Gochiusa though. This subreddit also has a discord server that focuses on Gochiusa conversations, the invite link can be found in the old layout of Reddit.

This Tumblr account basically offers anyone the most important news all around Kirara series', specifically focused on Gochiusa of course and currently on Comic Girls as well. Sometimes if there aren't any relevant news to be written, they just simply share Gochiusa fanart.

I also have my own little Discord server that provides one with all possible news and information in one place, whether it is the raws of the newest chapter, events, fan arts, unreleased translations and occasionally discussions. However, it is more of a server, oriented to people who actually love Gochiusa more than the average fan. It informs you about every little thing that may be so insignificant to other people, in which case I recommend just joining the official Gochiusa subreddit Discord. If you are interested in joining, feel free to get in contact with me on any of my social media accounts, like my twitter @xdeyuix for example. We're always recruiting and looking out for more passionate Gochiusa fans.

Also, a little personal recommendation from me to all GochiUsa fans, if you haven't read the manga yet please give it a shot since, in my opinion, it has a beautiful art style just really pleasing to look at and it also contains several chapters and scenes that haven't been shown in the anime. For the fastest translation please visit the following website:

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