Well, I needed to discuss 2 things and this just felt like the best way to go about it.

First of all; I updated the front page poll. That one was made almost 3 years ago and I felt it was time for a change after nearly 300 votes on it. So feel free to get to that front page and start voting!

Second, this one is a lot larger XD I feel this is inportant to put up, as I rarely make blogs (and nobody else does period), I know new users will see this on the front page - at least for the time being. I feel like we need to have a specific page for a Rules listing, for those unsure of what is allowed and anyone generally new to Wikia.

I will make this simple and easy. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave one.

Keep in mind that long-time banning is punishment for any major offense broken. Those are in BOLD. Everything else has a 3 strike limit.


  1. Respect your fellow editors/members. Arguementive discussion is fine and dandy; but when you start name calling or make someone upset when its unjusitifed, that is when you broke a role.
  2. Badge-Hunting is Forbidden. If you were proven to be doing this you will be banned. Don't ruin badge gaining for others because of your own petty attitude. Badges DO NOT make you gain Admin status or make you a better editor.
  3. Spamming articles or other users. There are times when incidents happen, but its fairly rare.
  4. Flaming Members, Articles, or this Wikia because you don't like them/it. Its not funny so don't bring that here.
  5. The F-word is not tolerated at all, nor is offending members with racist or certain words they deem to be offensive. Swearing is okay but there is a LIMIT.
  6. Adult Content. I don't care if this series has moments of perversion or Fanservice. Pornographic art of any sort is not welcome here.
  7. Fanon-related content is not to be put on the pages for the series. Your own Userpage or blog entries is fine, but that is it.

Alright, so in conclusion this is it. I make sure to follow wikia rules and I hope to get the same respect from other members. I don't do this to keep you from having fun, I ensure they are followed to make sure everyone has fun and a nice, comfortable time. If you see someone do something - feel free to send me a message.