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Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (ティッピーゴールデンフラワリーオレンジペコ?), normally called Tippy (ティッピー?) is an Angora rabbit kept at Rabbit House.



Tippy is an angora rabbit. She is female, although her body is inhabited by the soul and conscience of Chino's grandfather.


Tippy acts as a little companion for Chino and her friends. She has the personality of Chino's grandfather and his memories, meaning he's kept skills he had when he was alive, to the extent of what his rabbit-vessel can handle, like giving life advice at needed moments. Despite having the soul of an old person, Tippy acts childishly at times.

Only Chino and her father know he is able to talk initially, but Cocoa and Chiya seem to also be aware when they ask him to read their coffee fortunes.


Tippy's "soul" is Chino's grandfather, it is speculated that this was Cocoa's doing since when she was younger she used a "spell" on him in which she said that he shall reborn as a rabbit in his next life. As Chino's grandfather passed away, his "soul" somehow transferred into Tippy's body and has been living in it since. This mysterious event is only known to Chino and her father.


Tippy - The edges of the tea leaves

Golden - A color, gold

Flowery - According to the production note, Flowery is the idiom of the name which means a satisfying taste yet it refers a meaning of good taste of a tea

Orange Pekoe - It means the highest quality




  • In the past, Tippy had a rivalry going on with Chiya's grandmother.


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