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Syaro Kirima (桐間 紗路?) is a main character of the Is the Order a Rabbit? manga as well as the anime. She works at the Fleur de Lapin café. She is voiced by Maaya Uchida



Syaro is a short girl with fluffy blonde hair covering her ears and straightened bangs worn with a thin black headband accent by a bow. She has turquoise eyes shaped with an upward point and fair skin.

Her work uniform is a black and white maid-style dress with black frilly wrist cuffs, white over-the-knee socks and a frilled headdress with white lop-ear rabbit ears. Her school uniform consists of a black blouse with a white blazer, a white and grey plaid skirt and matching plaid tie.


Syaro is a sensitive and bashful girl who has insecurities when it comes to her image. She is easily flustered and worries that her friends think she is a rich and sophisticated lady when in actuality she is a poor girl living in a humble home- but with fancy interests and hobbies. She is kind and somewhat withdrawn, but she can be sarcastic and blunt at times. She is quite jumpy and easily frightened, for example, when her friends tell ghost stories she covers her ears because she doesn't want to hear them, and she also has leporiphobia due to her not being able to walk home from school because a small wild rabbit was standing in her path and feared that it would attack her.

Syaro becomes very hyper and playful when under the influence of caffeine. She also admires Rize and has a crush on her, and shows a very respectful side towards her.



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Kirima SyaroKirimanjaro (キリマンジャロ?) which means "Kilimanjaro," as in Kilimanjaro coffee.


  • "A delinquent feral rabbit? It'll bite me! I'm scared! I can't get past it!"
  • "I pay a lot of attention to the teacups I drink fine teas from."
  • "Rize-senpai, you said you've had trouble sleeping lately, so I recommend lavender!"
  • "I'm glad we were able to borrow pajamas from Chino-chan, but aren't these too cute? I usually sleep in tracksuits…"


  • @Guuruguru World@
  • Ashioto tarte Tatin♪
  • Caffeine Fighter
  • Daydream café (Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver., Re arranged ver.)
  • E wo Sagasu Nichijou
  • Happiness Encore
  • Happy Happy♪ Birthday Song
  • Happy Happy♪ Birthday Song ~Syaro Ver.~
  • Happy Holiday
  • Heart Purupuru Jiken Desu
  • Heart Purupuru Jiken Desu ~Rearrange~
  • Hi Hi High☆
  • Hi Hi High☆ ~High Tension Ver.~
  • Honjitsu wa Makoto ni Ra-ri-ru-rain
  • Honjitsu wa Makoto ni Ra-ri-ru-rain ~Rearrange~
  • Ice Cream Fantasia
  • Ice Cream Fantasia ~Rearrange~
  • Kaitou Lapin -The Phantom Thief Lapin-
  • Maboroshi no Ruby Rabbit Jiken
  • Nantonaku Mirai
  • Nantonaku Mirai ~Rearrange~
  • Nichijou Decoration
  • Nikkori Café no Mahoutsukai
  • Nikkori Café no Mahoutsukai ~Rearrange~
  • No Poi! (Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver., Re arranged ver.,)
  • Omoide Hanabi
  • Patto! Hanasaku Teapot
  • Pipopapo People!
  • Popcorn Happening!
  • Rabbit Bibitto Show Time*
  • Rabbit Hole ~Cover~
  • Sekai ga Café ni Nacchatta! (Petit Rabbit's with beans ver., Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver.)
  • Singer Song Payapoya Melody (Petit Rabbit's with beans ver., Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver.)
  • Sorairo Salon
  • Suki de Sugoi ni Naritai na
  • Takarabako no Jet Coaster
  • Takarabako no Jet Coaster ~Rearrange~
  • Tekuteku Marching March ~Cover~
  • Tenkuu Cafeteria (Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver., Re arranged ver.)
  • Tobikiri summer time
  • Tokimeki Mille-feuille
  • Uruwashi no Shooting star
  • VS My Pace?
  • VS My Pace? ~Rearrange~
  • Waai Waai Try!
  • Waai Waai Try! ~Syaro Ver.~
  • WELCOME [U-SA!] (9-Character ver., Petit Rabbit's ver., Syaro ver.)
  • Yakimochi Fuumi no Chamomile
  • Yokan no Ping Pong Kikoetara
  • Yume < Utsutsu → Happy Time
  • Yume Moshimoshi Moshimo?
  • Yumemi FLAVOR
  • Zutto Issho


  • There is some disagreement as to the romanization of her name. Koi, the anime and its promotional materials use "Syaro", but subtitles and the majority of the fans in the west use the romanization "Sharo".
  • Although Syaro is frightened by rabbits, most of them appear to genuinely like her.
  • Anko is attracted to Syaro and often chases her upon spotting her, or hanging from her.
  • She is the third main character to own a rabbit in the series, gaining ownership of Wild Geese after he took up residence in her home and she couldn't get him to leave.
  • The phone Syaro uses is a Kyocera Honey Bee 201K
  • Syaro is really good at blowdarts because she used to play it a lot when she was younger.
  • She is very knowledgeable and interested in cups.
  • When she was younger she often crossed paths with rabbits, while she was learning how to ride a bike, she unconsciously learned how to hop with it. [1]
  • She's really fond of herbal tea, which is hinted by the facts that she works in a café focused on herbal teas as well as having tried to grow herb in her backyard.[2]
  • In the game Rabi-Ribi, Irisu is styled after her. This was later confirmed by the DLC Is The Order A DLC??.
  • It has been hinted throughout the series that something happened to Syaro in the past, that she doesn't want anyone to find out.
  • When trying to diet, she would drink gymnema sylvestre, which ruins ones taste-buds temporarily.[3]
  • Because of her poverty she unconsciously learned hand gestures etc. in order to "get through life" as she calls it. She also became incredibly skilled at shopping, finding the best sales and being able to push through a crowd for clothing for example.


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