Cocoa Hoto

While at her most blunt and honest when it comes to Cocoa, she is often dragged into things due to her influence. At first she did point her gun at her, but she quickly came to value her friendship and trust her- to the point of allowing her to use her gun for protective purposes.

Chino Kafū

She is friends with the younger girl and seems to understand her fairly well. She often talks to her whenever she feels sad or upset. At times she gets jealous of Cocoa and Chino's bond and how often they hang out, since they can hang out together so often.

Chiya Ujimatsu

She treats her kindly, although they are not shown interacting as much together.

Sharo Kirima

Rize is unaware of Sharo's feelings, but she cares about her and has a close friendship with her. They bond over several things, and attend the same school. While Sharo admires Rize, Rize also views her as the perfect role model of everything she wishes she was.

Maya Jōga and Megumi Natsu

As Megumi bonds with Cocoa at times, Maya appears to admire Rize and looks up to her. 

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