Rin Mate (真手 凛 Mate Rin?) is a character in Is the Order a Rabbit? manga series as well as its anime series. She is the editor of "Blue Mountain" Aoyama.


Rin has short black hair with several loose strands and partially tented bangs. She has slanted green eyes.


Rin is strict when it comes to Aoyama and keeps a watch over her. She has no problem threatening to give Aoyama a hard time, should she approach the deadline and not be finished with her work yet. Though, when there is no deadline upcoming for Aoyama, she lets her do whatever she wants to do and is even willing to play a game of tag with her.[1]


真手 凛(Mate Rin)→ Mandheling Coffee, it's grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Mandheling is known as much for its smooth, full body (mouthfeel) as its rich, complex taste.


  • Kirameki nomi zo Shiru Yukue


  • She has been running after Aoyama since their high school days.
  • In that highschool, which Syaro and Rize are attending, Rin was in the literature club with Aoyama.
  • Rin can't drink coffee because it's too bitter for her.[1]
    • She is able to drink Chino's special coffee though.[2]
  • She likes the character "Phantom Thief Lapin".[1]


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