No Poi! is the opening theme song of the second season of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series. The song was performed by Petit Rabbit’s, a unit consisting Cocoa Hoto, Chino Kafū, Rize Tedeza, Chiya Ujimatsu, and Syaro Kirima.

The regular edition release is currently priced 1200 JPY[1]. The limited edition release is priced 1600 JPY but appears to be no longer available for sale[2]. The Limited Edition release comes with a music video DVD of Daydream café, Poppin Jump♪, No Poi!, Tokimeki Poporon♪, and Takarabako no Jet Coaster.

Track No. Track Name Artist
1 No Poi!
Petit Rabbit's
2 Nantonaku Mirai
Petit Rabbit's
3 No Poi! ~Cocoa Ver.~
ノーポイッ! ~ココアVer.~
Cocoa Hoto
4 No Poi! ~Chino Ver.~
ノーポイッ! ~チノVer.~
Chino Kafū
5 No Poi! ~Rize Ver.~
ノーポイッ! ~リゼVer.~
Rize Tedeza
6 No Poi! ~Chiya Ver.~
ノーポイッ! ~千夜Ver.~
Chiya Ujimatsu
7 No Poi! ~Syaro Ver.~
ノーポイッ! ~シャロVer.~
Sharo Kirima
8 No Poi! (Instrumental)
ノーポイッ! (Instrumental)
Petit Rabbit's
9 Nantonaku Mirai (Instrumental)
なんとなくミライ (Instrumental)
Petit Rabbit's

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