Mocha is unable to spoil and baby Cocoa. She loves her more than anything in the world, and feels rejected when Cocoa doesn't give her attention or achnowledge her affection. They can be competitive and bicker over trivial things.


As a "little sister" type- she quickly latched onto Chino.


Mocha has fun teasing Rize due to her serious personality, and enjoys watching her get flustered so that she can chase after her.


At first she treated Chiya like an equal due to her mature and gentle personality. But after being requested, she treated her like the others.


Compared to the other girls, she gave Sharo minor attention. She enjoyed cuddling Sharo as she did the others, much to her embarrassment- even suggesting that she wouldn't mind it if she was "fluffier" to make her eat more.  

Maya and Megumi

Although she hardly got to know them, Mocha was quick to latch onto Chino's friends and spoil them.

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