Maya Jōga (条河 麻耶?) is a secondary character of the Is the Order a Rabbit? manga series as well as its anime series. She is Chino Kafū's classmate along with Megumi Natsu.


Maya has short choppy dark indigo hair with a tiny cowlick at the center of her head. Her bangs rest at the center of her forehead and appear uneven in length. She has fair skin and gold eyes, and at times a fanged tooth can be visible.

For school she wears a white and navy sailor-style uniform. When helping at Rabbit House she borrows Rize's uniform, or has a sky blue variation.


Maya is the excitable and mischievous friend of Chino and Megumi. Like Cocoa, she is energetic, and tries reaching for goals that may or may not be out of reach, and she is usually in a perky mood.

She admires Rize for her cool attitude and fast-thinking, and while she is loving towards her friends she can show a blunt side with them. At home she's kind of lazy, usually relying on her big brother to do things for her.

Even though she often acts like a "fool" it is said that she is actually very inquisitive and has very good grades.


Season 1

When Maya first made an appearance in Bunnisode 4, she is seen giving advice to Chino on how she can grow taller as it concerns her.

Maya then appears in Bunnisode 6, where she is invited over to the Rabbit House to help out and gets to know Cocoa and Rize a bit better. This eventually leaves Chino jealous and a bit lonely because she is surprised to see they get along very well.

The same would occur in Bunnisode 10, when she and Megu return to lend a hand at Rabbit House again. She starts missing Cocoa, who is away helping Chiya but Maya doesn't notice anything. The girls later leave for the pool where Maya is involved in a water gun fight along with Rize, Megu, Aoyama and Chino.

Season 2

In Bunnisode 3, Maya, Megu and Chino are preparing for their school's art festival. Which involves drawings and dancing. They start by drawing various things and people, showcasing their unique styles. Later, Chino and Maya starts taking ballet lessons from Meg's mother to prepare for their dance recital.

From the previous Bunnisode to Bunnisode 4, the girls are seen celebrating moving up a grade by having afternoon tea at a fancy café, where Maya and the other middle schoolers try to act more like grown-ups.

Maya then makes an appearance in Bunnisode 8, later, upon hearing that Megu wants to go to Rize and Sharo's school, Maya follows Rize as she stalks Aoyama, becoming stalked themselves by Sharo, who turns out to have been observed by Aoyama. Afterwards, as Chino and Megu follow Rize and Maya while Cocoa and Chiya follow them, Maya expresses her concerns over becoming separated from her friends upon entering high school, to which Rize assures her that being friends isn't limited to being together all the time. 

During Bunnisode 9, as part of their school's work experience, Chino tries her hand at working at Ama Usa An, while Maya and Megu work at the Rabbit House and Fleur de Lapin respectively.

While the girls are on a treasure hunt in Bunnisode 12, Cocoa and Chino find a map in the café, Megu and Maya recall how they first became friends with Chino.

Season 3


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Jōga MayaJogamaya (ジョガマヤ?), which origins from the "Jogmaya" tea, a different variation of the Darjeeling tea.


" It's been a while since Megu had so much fun."

" I want to become an adult like that too!"

" It's easy once you get used to it~."

" I can't stand formalities, even my body goes "eww"!" [1]


  • ♡♡ Cake wo Mou Hitotsu?
  • Choco Love Survival♪
  • Daydream café ~Chimame-tai Ver.~
  • Everyday Level Up!!
  • Gimme x Demi Party Night♪
  • Happy Happy♪ Birthday Song
  • Happy Happy♪ Birthday Song ~Maya Ver.~
  • Honjitsu wa Makoto ni Ra-ri-ru-rain
  • Honjitsu wa Makoto ni Ra-ri-ru-rain ~Rearrange~
  • Kami Hikouki Letter
  • Kirakira Everyday
  • Kirakira Everyday ~Rearrange~
  • Kirameki Café Time ~Cover~
  • Kokoro Soba ni Iru yo
  • Komorebi Seishunfu
  • Little*Treasure*Hunt
  • Majo to Tsukaima no Fushigina Yakata
  • Midnight Party
  • Nakayoshi! Maru! Nakayoshi!
  • Nakayoshi! Maru! Nakayoshi! ~Maya Ver.~
  • Namaiki Tiny Heart
  • Natsuyasumi Page
  • Omatsuri Wasshoi!!
  • Otetsudai no Lalalan Soe wa Ikaga desu ka?
  • Otetsudai no Lalalan Soe wa Ikaga desu ka? ~Rearrange~
  • Paris Player!!
  • Poppin Jump♪
  • Poppin Jump♪ ~Maya~ Solo Ver.
  • Present Leisure♡
  • Put Your Hands Up ☆ Universe
  • Pyon's Purin Purun
  • Pyon's Purin Purun ~Rearrange~
  • Rabbit Hole ~Cover~
  • Sekai ga Café ni Nacchatta! (Petit Rabbit's with beans ver., Chimame-tai ver., Maya ver.)
  • Sing a Song!!!!!
  • Singer Song Payapoya Melody (Petit Rabbit's with beans ver., Chimame-tai ver., Maya ver.)
  • Sunshine Days
  • Tekuteku Marching March
  • Tokimeki LOOP ni Notte
  • Tokimeki Poporon♪
  • Tokimeki Poporon♪ ~Maya Ver.~
  • Waai Waai Try!
  • Waai Waai Try! ~Maya Ver.~
  • Wakuwaku Diary
  • WELCOME [U-SA!] Maya Ver.
  • Wow Wow Dobutsuen


  • She took ballet when she was younger alongside Megumi, but appeared to lack interest in it after some point.
  • Maya's voice actor also voices Nico Yazawa from Love Live! School Idol Project.
  • Being at 140 cm, she is the shortest character in the series.[2]
  • She is planning on going to Rize's and Syaro's school through a scholarship exam.[3]
  • Among the Chimame-tai, Maya is the only one to have received a recommendation for a scholarship to Rize's and Syaro's school, which is said to be for higher educated and/or rich people.[1]
  • Maya dislikes formalities.[1]


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