Karede Yura (狩手 結良 Karede Yura?) is one of the side characters of the Is the Order a Rabbit? manga series as well as its anime series. She is voiced by Saori Ōnishi.



Yura has long, magenta colored hair with little vertical bangs and double dutch braids with white ball scrunchies that hold each of them together. She usually smiles and has a relaxed and careless expression with corn flower blue eyes.


She is seen to be a very competitive and confident person and appreciates it when people can keep up with her skill in Fukiya.[1]



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Karede Yura's name comes from the "Calendula tea".


  • " You want to know about Miss Emerald? "[2]
  • " Maybe I'll tell you if you beat me in a game."[2]
  • " In return, Rize, if we win, you have to join our club. "[2]
  • " We'll give you a handicap. "[2]
  • " Hurry. Hurry. "[2]


  • Foooo are you?


  • She is Rize's childhood friend.[1]
  • She is the president of the Fukiya club at her school[2] and must be quite skilled at it since she stated that only Syaro and Rize, aside of the members, is able to match her skill.[1]
  • She also claims to be going to the same school Rize will go after her senior high school.[1]
  • Her father is a friend of Rize's father.[3]
  • She likes the blowgun more than a gun.[3]


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