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Is the Order a Rabbit? Wiki

This page is dedicated to outlining the rules and policies of the Is the Order a Rabbit? Wiki. It is recommended that all new users visit this page to ensure an understanding of the rules in place.

Code of Conduct

Interpersonal Conduct

  • No personal attacks or harassment. Be polite, and try to avoid excessive profanity. Operate under the assumption that everyone is 13.
  • Don't mislead users looking for advice, or spread false information.
  • Linking to blatantly NSFW content will result in an instantaneous ban. Linking to pornography, gore, anything that is really unseemly, and graphic discussion is absolutely forbidden. Slight innuendos and jokes are allowed.
  • Violation of personal privacy will result in a ban. This includes revealing information about others against their will, such as announcing their real name, location, age, gender, etc
  • Do not roleplay.
  • Sockpuppeting (abusing multiple accounts) will result in an instant ban.


Do not:

  • Vandalize pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
    • False information.
    • Content deletion.
    • Gibberish
    • Shitposting, memeing, etc.
  • Create spam.
  • Add pages to categories that they do not belong to.
  • Add unnecessary trivia, or any information that is not concretely backed by facts - avoid speculation.
    • When adding information and trivia that are backed by facts, please make sure to add the source of it.
  • Attempt to change the terminology used on the wiki. (Syaro, Elu, Cocoa, Rize etc.) These are the names decided upon by the creator, and they will remain as they are.

To report a violation of the rules, you may message any active mod.

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