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A Story About Telling a Story
Scenario Mio Inoue
Storyboard Akira Nishimori
Staging Hiroyuki Tsuchiya
Animation Director Eiichi Tominaga,Naoki Takeda
Japanese Air Date

May 15, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Poppin Jump♪
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Cocoa and Murderous Intent Without Malice Call Me Sister

A Story About Telling a Story (お話をするお話?) is the six episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series.


While enjoying a day off from work, the girls meet a famous book author; Aoyama Blue Mountain. Later, Maya and Megumi stop by to lend a hand at Rabbit House, causing Chino to become envious as they bond with Cocoa and Rize.


As the girls work a pair of customers compliment Rize's cute pigtails. She tries not to pay them any mind when Chino and Cocoa catch her checking herself out in a mirror shortly after. It's then Rize sees that Tippy's ears have been reshaped into a pair of tiny pigtails and Cocoa compliments him. Concerned about this, Rize asks the customers who they were speaking about.

The following morning the girls have a day off, so Chino decides to work on completing her ship in a bottle. But Cocoa wants to go out for some run and tries convincing Chino to come with her to the lake. Chino agrees and shows Cocoa around the area, with Cocoa picturing how much fun it would be to ride a bike down a large hill they are near. Chino points out that double riding isn't really allowed, but Cocoa claims it's alright because she can't ride a bike anyway.

While out the girls happen to spot Rize shopping at a clothing store and consider approaching her until noticing how conflicted she seems to be, then they make their way to the park. Where they sit down on a bench and enjoy the warmth beneath the trees until they spot a crepe stand. Cocoa gets up to get some, but to their alarm they find Sharo running the stand. She makes the girls a crepe and they dig in, complimenting it before Cocoa offers Sharo a taste. Sharo is uncertain, but she claims a single bite would be okay and is highly tempted since she never gets to eat them; but before she can dig into the sweet snack, Anko suddenly falls down on it. Chiya runs up to the girls to explain that Anko was carried off by crows again. The girls are barely phased, focusing more on her new outfit until she explains that Ama Usa An is having a retro theme. This leads Sharo to wonder if they would consider a racier theme than Lapin one day, causing Chiya to start teasing her while Cocoa covers Chino's innocent eyes.

The girls sit down as rabbits begin surrounding them. Cocoa notices that the only one paying Chino any attention is Tippy though, and she tries cuddling her thinking the rabbits will see she is affectionate, so she will be less lonely. They are joined by Megumi and Maya, who have gone out to see a movie and feel depressed over night inviting Chino to join them, unaware of her day off. Chino asks what they saw and Megumi shows them a pamphlet from a really popular movie, The Barista Who Became A Rabbit.

Suddenly, Cocoa runs off to chase after a rabbit. She picks it up to find a strange adult woman observing them, and she remarks on its unusual coloring. She invites Cocoa to join her and she reveals herself as a novelist in search of ideas, she works under the pen name "Aoyama Blue Mountain". Aoyama mentions that a recent novel has been turned into a movie, which seems to strike Cocoa and fill her with inspiration for a new, future career in writing. Hearing Chino approach, Aoyama decides to take off. Having been watching them, Chino confesses that she isn't confident in her talking skills. Cocoa claims that she talks just fine with her friends, but Chino states they spoke to her first so it was different. Cocoa isn't entirely sure this is true.

Later that day, the girls spot a pretty girl and quickly recognize her as Rize, but after they approach her to greet her, they begin to wonder if they got the wrong girl. Realizing this, Rize introduces herself to them as "Rose", which they seem to believe. They bring up Rize, explaining that she is a co-worker of theirs and how alike they look, so they ask Rose to stop by and visit her sometime. Rose agrees and quickly runs off before they can realize she really is Rize, and after taking a moment to observe the girls, Rize expresses relief. Tippy seems to genuinely know the truth however.

As they continue walking home, Chino happily voices how she feels to be able to speak so openly to someone, and she wonders if Cocoa influenced her. They chat as they make their way back home and head up to Chino's bedroom. She brings up how much talking she did that day and starts wondering why that is, but Cocoa gets up and tell her to get some sleep, since tomorrow is a school day. Chino attempts to speak to Tippy but realizes he isn't there, causing her disappointment and sending her to Cocoa's room. She isn't able to relax and requests they speak for a bit longer, with Cocoa agreeing. She suggests they watch a movie called "The Silence of the Rabbits" the next day, she borrowed it from Rize.

At Rabbit House, Cocoa's uniform has gone missing and she finds Megumi wearing it. She panics, believing they fired her until she finds Maya wearing Rize's uniform. She comes across the equally confused Rize as she observes Maya, who has started to hold Tippy on the top of her head, then shows them the gun she found in the lockers. Cocoa recognizes the strange girls from the day before and Chino formally introduces her friends to Cocoa, bringing up that they stopped by to lend a hand for the day. Cocoa compliments how they look in the uniforms before pointing out that with two more colors they could form the "RabiRangers" team, until Chino points out they wouldn't have anything to fight. Cocoa claims a rival business, but Chino points out that this could be harmful for business.

It's then Megumi asks Cocoa something and she quickly takes on her older sister persona to be extra-cute with Chino; who doesn't cooperate at all. However, Megumi's kind words end up giving her a big head and she offers her some bread as thanks- with Megumi taken by this as Chino points out Cocoa is unable to make anything else. Rize joins them once more and Cocoa introduces them as their little sisters. When Rize asks if they have seen any of her items, Maya pulls out her gun and hunting knife- with quick scolding from Tippy for carrying such dangerous weapons and Maya is quick to fawn over how cool Rize is, asking if she may be an actress or someone affiliated with the Army. These words worry Rize until Megumi points out that Maya watches too much television, and she is quick to relax before Maya comments on admiring her. As this goes on, Megumi decides to make Cocoa her role model.

Shortly after the girls take to Rize and Cocoa, who also seem to enjoy their company. Eventually Maya asks Chino who it is she admires in their friend group and after a moment of thought, Chino responds "Sharo". Maya and Megumi ask if they can continue to help out and Chino agrees, so they run off to make some coffee while Rize and Cocoa play customer to test them out. Before she sips, Cocoa points out to Megumi that people really shouldn't eat raw coffee beans so she has to grind them really well- but to her shock, Megumi reveals she already knew this. Rize comments that she tends to have things a bit tough from what her father taught her after it is noted she seems tense. As Chino watches the girls she starts to speak to Tippy, a bit confused by her new feelings.

She heads out to Ama Usa a few days later and apologizes to Chiya while holding Anko. Chiya claims not to mind, she's very happy to see her. She goes on to ask how her friends are doing and Chino explains how they have been coming to Rabbit House the past few days and got really close to the others, which bothers her a little bit. Chiya can tell she is jealous, but Chino doesn't realize it as she goes on to explain feeling abandoned by her friends. Chiya suggests that Chino spend some time with her, but she wonders if this would make things more complicated.

Nearby, Aoyama is sitting and she starts making conversation with Chino, asking if she's related to the original owner of Rabbit House. Chino confirms that she is and Aoyama reveals that she used to pay the cafe many visits in the past, but as of late she doesn't feel ready to return. This confuses Chino until she brings up understanding how Chino feels, but she assures her that this is a good thing because Chino is learning that she loves everyone more than she thought she did. She goes on to apologize with being so forward and gets up to leave as Chiya approaches Chino. She feels sad for not being able to help her feel better but Chino believes she actually did. Just then, Sharo runs inside, flustered as she shows them a text Chiya sent her.

Later, Cocoa brings up how happy Chino looks when she speaks to her friends. While it makes her happy, she felt jealous that they get to see this side of Chino she doesn't. Rize claims to understand, as she is the only one of the trio not to live there- but her words go unnoticed by Cocoa. As they chat, Chino happens to overhear them after she changes into her work uniform, now feeling better to know she wasn't the only one who felt confused and sad.

At school, Chino is approached by Megumi and Maya. They ask if she is feeling better and recall how she's seemed down, and since it made them worry they wanted to bring it up with her. They ask that she doesn't hold anything back to avoid being stressed out. China is touched by their consideration and concern, which makes her feel a lot better as she assures them of this. The girls express confusion.

As the sun is setting, Cocoa sits with Tippy on a bridge and starts to ponder various things, such as if she is a good role model for Chino, and if Rize still thinks of her as a weird girl. To her surprise, Aoyama reveals herself to have been sitting there and explains how she wishes she could visit the older gentleman who helped her back when she needed care. She wishes to tell him of how popular her work has become, and how he was the one who encouraged the titular character of "The Barista who Became a Rabbit", because he once said he would rather be a rabbit when the Cafe was facing financial problems. She pets Tippy while they start to joke about how humorous the man was, leaving Tippy feeling nostalgic. 


By order of appearances.
  • Rize
  • Chino
  • Cocoa
  • Tippy
  • Sharo
  • Chiya
  • Aoyama
  • Megumi
  • Maya


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Major Events

  • The girls formally meet Aoyama Blue Mountain.
  • Megumi and Maya help out at Rabbit House.


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