Your Lucky Items are Vegetables and Crime and Punishment
Scenario Mio Inoue
Storyboard Kouji Kobayasho,Enishi Ōshima
Staging Kouji Kobayasho
Animation Director Enishi Ōshima
Japanese Air Date

May 1, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Poppin Jump♪
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Your Lucky Items are Vegetables and Crime and Punishment (ラッキーアイテムは野菜と罪と罰?) is the fourth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series.


Chino tries to get advice from her friends on how to grow taller. The girls also try their hand at fortune telling and pay a visit to the Library.


The girls enjoy breakfast before heading off to school when Chino notices that Cocoa didn't drink her tomato juice and Cocoa takes note of the celery still in Chino's dish. They wait until leaving to mention it, with Cocoa defensively saying that while she didn't drink her juice, there was more celery and she won't grow up if she doesn't force herself to eat things she dislikes every now and then. Chino claims she will be taller than Cocoa by the time she reaches her age, leading Cocoa to wonder if carrying Tippy is perhaps stunting her growth. Chino is very bothered by the concept.

Upon arriving to school Chino heads straight to the shoe lockers to find Megumi and Maya waiting for her. She takes a moment to note their height, realizing that they are about the same height as herself, which makes her calm down a bit.

During break, they watch as Chino forces herself to pick up the celery and eat it and they find it strange that she did, until she explains her reasoning, leading Maya to point out that she also needs a lot of sleep and to go to bed early. She points out that Rize is pretty tall and Chino starts to believe her theory until she recalls Cocoa and Sharo take naps, but they are also short for their age. Megumi and Maya then recall that they also heard jumping and bananas are good for growing.

While heading home Chino decides to try skipping and Chiya curiously follows after her. When she thinks skipping may not be enough, Chino switches to jumping home by only touching the red flagstones; only to trail behind a bunny she spots nearby and she runs into a pole in front of her. Chiya worries that she might be feeling sick as Chino spots the supermarket nearby and heads inside to find some banana.

As this is going on, Chino overhears Sharo trying to think of the most efficient way to buy her groceries by recalling what is on sale at the time. She calls out to her and Sharo decides to join her, continuing her wealthy act while worriedly noting she doesn't have much time before the sale ends. She quickly pretends to want an object on a very high shelf and they begin jumping for it, which causes the passing-by Rize to wonder if they are in training. She joins them and effortlessly grabs the item, explaining how she saw them outside and was wondering what happened. Sharo happily cuddles the object -as Rize touched it- while Rize and Chino remark on her refined taste.

Back at Rabbit House, Chino and Cocoa try to encourage each other to eat their hated foods; with Chino buying a bottle of tomato juice and Cocoa making celery bread for her. They both sit down to try but after forcing themselves to eat it, they both look horrible. Rize is confused by the display and after hearing of Chino's plight, she suggests she try to speak louder to seem bigger. Chino tries this out but she struggles to even reach Rize's volume, startling a customer who was coming inside.

After work the girls change and Rize jokingly mentions that if Chino was to grow, she would be big enough to hug Cocoa. Cocoa supports this idea, but after Chino states she wouldn't do that Cocoa decides that Chino growing could be terrible after all. It's then Chino gets a text from Chiya, who suggested she keeps a watch over her nutrients and sleep since she thought she wasn't feeling well earlier. Cocoa attempts to smother her with attention afterwards.

The next day Cocoa joins Rize to ask her what Chino is doing with a customer. Rize explains that she often does fortune telling with the drinks, and it's usually pretty accurate. She explains how it is done by drinking a cup of coffee, then turning it down facing the mug. The stains inside reveal the fortune. Chino recalls that the Cafe is partially famous for this because of her grandfather doing it in the past, it was so frequently accurate it would scare people. She seems to only get them right when the drink is a cappuccino though. Cocoa asks to try, so both girls have a cup of coffee and let her see them.

She deciphers the stains as rabbits raining upon Chino, but Chino can't believe it. Although she wouldn't necessarily mind if it happened. Rize happens to spot a bunch of coins and wonders if her luck in money may improve, while for Tippy she determines that it will wear a sexy outfit to attract a lot of customers. They observe Tippy for a moment and realize he seems to want to tell Cocoa's fortune, and with some aid from Chino he determines that she will be rained upon, and he warns her not to go outside. He checks Rize to determine she will make a beautiful bride someday, as well as the fact she raided the kitchen the other day for more sweets, and she craves attention.

Later at school, Cocoa explains what she learned to Chiya. Chiya claims she has the ability to read palms and she reads Cocoa's to determine an evilness hidden deep down inside. Cocoa worries until Chiya claims she has it as well and she feels a lot better; while their classmates nearby curiously wonder what they are chatting about.

During lunch, Chiya and Cocoa are chatting until Anko suddenly appears out of nowhere and accidentally ruins Cocoa's lunch. Her bad luck continues when she purchases a croquette bun later and Chiya apologizes for what happened, explaining how often Anko gets picked up by crows. Cocoa doesn't mind, but she is suddenly grabbed by Chiya, who reveals she just realized Cocoa's underwear was showing. She drops her bun. Cocoa sadly snuggles Anko as they head for home and Chiya attempts to convince her that everyone has bad days like this- just as a pan of water falls from a window and spills all over her. The woman who dropped it apologizes but Cocoa laughs it off and reveals that she kept Anko dry. She thanks Chiya for wiping her off, and Chiya offers to treat Cocoa to something from Sharo's cafe.

Upon arrival Sharo begins to panic seeing them and in hopes of cheering her up, Chiya reveals that Sharo was bitten by Anko a lot when she was little. So now she is frightened of him. Anko quickly latches onto Sharo and forces her to pull him around while she takes their orders and returns a bit later, then she tries forcing Anko off and makes a remark that upsets Cocoa upon reminding her of her cruddy day. When they finish and prepare to leave, Sharo gets Chiya's change and she uses this as a chance to read her palm. She reveals that Sharo is crushing on someone, and when she reads that she also has terrible luck with money Sharo angrily throws the change at Cocoa's forehead.

At Rabbit House, Cocoa recalls what happened to her after Rize and Chino comment that her fortunes for them didn't come true. This disappoints her, but when they realize the fortunes actually happened to her, they decide its best if they don't let her read fortunes anymore.

Later, the girls head to the Library and Cocoa admires its grand appearance as they explain why they came there. Chino really wants to locate a book she used to read as a child, but she forgot the title. She knows it stared a rabbit who wished to become a heroine of justice, which surprises the girls and makes them wonder why she would want it if she can remember it so clearly.

Cocoa brings up her plans to try to study and Chiya suggests that Sharo can help her, because she's a scholarship student. Sharo tries denying it while the girls respond with amazement. But as it turns out, Chiya actually wanted Cocoa's help studying since she is good with math. Cocoa brings up how poorly she does at liberal arts, like English, Japanese, and History, and Chino points out how difficult it is keeping up with Cocoa's way of teaching. Chiya disagrees because of their similar mental wavelength, and the two groups decide to buckle down to get some studying done. Until Cocoa gets distracted after Sharo asks Chino which school she plans on attending when she is of the right age. They both argue that she would look good in their uniforms, then they decide to talk about their futures in general; with Cocoa wishing to be a baker or lawyer, Chiya dreams of helping her family business flourish, along with Chino. Sharo is concerned over her desire to break free from poverty.

With it getting late the girls resume trying to locate the book when Cocoa recalls that she has read this book also. She is happy they seem to share a similar taste in books and she grabs Chino's hand to lead her towards it. Sharo sadly wonders how life would be if she attended school with Chiya and admits that while she enjoys her school, she is sad she isn't in the same grade as Rize so they barely see each other. Chiya remarks on how boring it is for a school to cover tuition for someone, but then she thinks about how if Sharo did join them at school the numbers may not be even and she'd hate to be in a class without Cocoa. As Sharo panics she quickly claims to be joking, then tells Sharo that they will always be together as the grow up.

Cocoa leads Chino to a bookshelf and steps onto the ladder. She happens to find the book she believes to be the one Chino wants; but she looks to discover it actually isn't.


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Major Events

Differences from the Manga

  • During breakfast, Chino reveals disliking celery and Cocoa dislikes tomato juice. In the manga, her disliking of tomato juice doesn't come up until later when Chino gives her a glass of it.
    • Additionally, in the manga, Cocoa says that Chino should eat her veggies and gives her the ones from her own serving as well, which Chino notices.
  • When Rize tells Chino that if she wants to appear bigger by raising her voice and accidentally disturbs a customer entering the cafe. In the manga this doesn't happen, instead Cocoa tells her to quiet down.
    • Additionally, Chino and Cocoa both encourage each other to conquer their respective hated food. In the manga, this happens after Rize suggests to Chino that she try to raise her voice, while in this episode, it occurred before then.
  • In the manga, Cocoa, Chino and Chiya come across Sharo as she heads to the library and she joins them. Their meeting is omitted in episode.
    • Additionally, certain scenes in this episode differ from the manga, as these all happen outside before the girls enter the library:
      • Chino telling Sharo that she wants to reread a book she once read before.
      • Chiya telling Cocoa and Chino that Sharo is an honor student on a scholarship.
      • Chino and Cocoa covering their eyes upon learning about Sharo's "flawlessness".
    • Chiya also covers her eyes over Sharo's "perfection", which isn't shown in the episode.


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