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For You, I Can Sleep Late
12-Title Screen.png
Scenario Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Storyboard Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Staging Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Animation Director Ryosuke Kimiya,Masaru Hyodo,Masahiko Nakata,Taro Ikegami,Kazuhisa Nakamura,Tamotsu Ikeda,Nobuhiro Mutō,Mina Ōtaka,Kazuma Tanaka,Kazuhiro Nasu
Japanese Air Date

June 26, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Normal Days Decoration
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The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky

 For You, I Can Sleep Late (君のためなら寝坊する?) is the twelth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series and the season finale. It was followed by the sequel season, Is The Order a Rabbit??


While Maya and Megumi decide to interview the various staff members at the Cafe for School Reports, Cocoa and Sharo are sick and their friends step in to help them.


Chino is surprised to find Cocoa in bed with her one winter morning and she silently observes her before getting up. She brushes her teeth when the drowsy Cocoa joins her and Cocoa asks what happened. Cocoa explains that Chino wouldn't let her go, causing her to express shock and try to remember what happened.

Later, Chiya and Cocoa discuss the scent of bread. Chiya asks what her scent would be, and Cocoa claims "wabi-sabi; the scent of something warm you want to embrace". They chat over how crowded it is when they spot Rize and Sharo and they comment on how easy it is to find them, as Sharo has a herbal scent and Rize smells of gunpowder. The girls sit down together with a snack and discuss how rare for them it is to have time to themselves. As they enjoy the cool air around them, Cocoa can't help but think she forgot something.  

Meanwhile, at Rabbit House Chino wonders what is keeping Cocoa, who was sent on an errand. Deciding to pass the time, Chino thinks about various scents she likes- such as coffee and tea. But now she has started to wonder if she found something else that brings her to ease.

Suddenly, Cocoa and the other girls realize they all have to get back to work. So with some parting words they quickly take off.

Maya and Megumi arrive and announce their plans to interview everyone at Rabbit House, with Maya starting by asking what makes their time there worthwhile. Cocoa responds "the customers smiles", and Chino points out she is only a part timer, so they should be speaking to her and her father. Tippy speaks up by commenting on how difficult the job is, although they assume it's Chino doing the speaking. She goes on to tell Cocoa to get changed, with Megumi offering to lend a hand until they realize she needs more help putting the outfit together.

The trio head off to speak to Chino's dad about working in the Cafe and bring up various questions, with Tippy snapping out his own opinions. The girls assume it's Chino teasing them again, and after leaving the room she suggests the girls also head to Ama Usa An and Fleur de Lapin. She decides to send Cocoa with them, who eagerly agrees upon being told.

First they visit Chiya and explain their reason for showing up suddenly. Megumi asks her if Ama Usa has an antagonistic relationship with Rabbit House, but Chiya claims that while they are rivals, they are on good-terms. Maya asks if she struggles to keep up with schoolwork while having a full-time job but Chiya says "with a clear mind and full concentration you can manage both". The girls are impressed by her professionalism, causing Chiya and Cocoa to panic as they ask each other for help studying out of concern they can't actually back up a statement like this.

At Fleur de Lapin the girls fawn over the atmosphere of the place when Sharo tries calming them down and explaining that she wishes for them to enjoy their products, rather than her attire. As Cocoa recalls being drugged by her, she incidentally startles the girls for a moment, then Maya asks for Sharo to perform the Cafe's pose for them. She hesitantly agrees before revealing Aoyama has come by to visit. Megumi and Maya excitedly run over to interview her, and ask why she became a novelist and how she is able to continue doing it. She explains how someone suggested it to her in the past, then she pauses to look up Sharo's skirt while she passes.

By the time the girls finish Cocoa sadly notices how empty her wallet has become, having spent her money on drinks and snacks for the three of them. She wants to return home, but they charmingly manage to convince her to take them out to more Cafe. While she knows Chino will be upset she finds it impossible to resist. They eventually return to Rabbit House while chatting about how much fun they had in getting to learn about the other cafe. Maya suddenly brings up that she could become a rival should she choose another to work at, while Megumi happily tells Chino of how she wants to be like the other girls.  

The next day, Cocoa and Chino are out walking when Cocoa gets distracted by the snow. Excitedly she makes a snow rabbit and tries encouraging Chino to join her, then she brings up a snowball fight with the others some time. Chino asks Cocoa to bend down just then, and Cocoa curiously does as requested, allowing Chino to check her forehead.

Chiya is called to visit with various items, like apples and garlic. Rize joins them with some little apple-rabbits Chiya taught her to make, but it turns out to be a sculpture made with the apples, rather than the simple and cute apple slice style. Maya and Megumi also show up, worried that it may be their fault Cocoa got sick. They wish her to get well, saying they'd love to have a snowball fight outside when she does, and Chino realizes Cocoa's fever has gotten worse, so she suggests she rests more and everyone takes off to give her some privacy. Chino remains behind to scold Cocoa for not listening to her.

As it turns out Sharo has also gotten sick, so Chiya comes by to pay her a visit as well. Sharo refuses to wear the garlic necklace that she made for her and claims the remedies Chiya's grandmother told her are only folklore. Chiya tries getting her to reconsider but Sharo just wants her to leave so that she won't get sick too. Chiya stubbornly refuses because she wanted the cold to spread to her, then she decides to spend time reading until Sharo falls asleep.

Chino returns with some rice porridge Rize made for Cocoa and has been worrying over her, thinking she might be in pain. Her fever has gotten worse by now, and the stores are closed and her dad is busy working, she isn't sure what to do now. Tippy suggests Chino heads to Ama Usa An to borrow medicine from Chiya and she agrees. She makes her way through the streets until she reaches Ama Usa and notes the heavy snow. She then spots Tippy, who explains not wanting her to be out here alone and as worried as she was, and she thanks him for coming.

Later, Aoyama comes by to visit Cocoa and brings her some hot wine. She checks on her and pulls up her blanket to make sure she's comfortable, only to sneeze and drink the wine herself. After she starts seeing two Cocoa she decides she has had enough and leaves.

Chino arrives to find Chiya leave Sharo's home and asks if she has any medicine to lend her. Thankfully, as it turns out Chiya has some on hand, revealing that Sharo is also sick as she hands it over. They share a few parting words and she heads inside while Chino rushes back home.

Cocoa awakens in time to find Chino and notices that she has a reddened mark on her head. Chino says nothing out of fear Cocoa would make fun of her if she told her she fell in the snow, although Cocoa manages to figure it out. She then offers to take care of Chino if she gets sick, but Chino claims she won't need it because she learned a lot from Rize.

Unfortunately, just as Cocoa has been getting better Chino is revealed to have gotten mumps. She attempts taking care of Chino and bossily warns her that if she wants to get better she must do what she says.

Later, Rize is surprised to find Chino recovered from the mumps. She asks about Cocoa and Chino gets up to wake her, trying to tell her that because they are both better they should start working again. Cocoa asks for twenty more minutes, so to make her get up, Chino whispers something to get her up instantly- then they bang their foreheads together.


By order of appearances.
  • Chino
  • Cocoa
  • Tippy
  • Chiya
  • Rize
  • Sharo
  • Megumi
  • Maya
  • Takahiro
  • Aoyama


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