I Could Tell with One Bite That It's Just a Normal Chewy
S2-5-Title Screen
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu,Mio Inoue
Storyboard Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Staging Masahiro Shinohara
Animation Director Kazuma Tanaka,Takashi Nagayoshi,Nobuhiro Mutō,Naoki Takeda
Japanese Air Date

November 7th, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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I Could Tell with One Bite That It's Just a Normal Chewy (ひと口で普通のもちもちだと見抜いたよ?) is the fifth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


Cocoa is filled with grief as her older sister Mocha shows up and proceeds to win everyone over with her wonderful baking talents and sisterly personality.


Mocha reads on the train until her arrival, and after stepping off she makes her way through town taking in various sights while wondering how long it's been since she last visited. She was given a map by Cocoa and while making her way to Rabbit House she gets distracted by a white rabbit. She runs up to pet it until it runs off and she chases after it.

Cocoa paces anxiously while Rize tries to calm her down. Cocoa worries Mocha has gotten lost and she takes off in search of her as Chino recalls how Cocoa got lost upon her first arrival too. By now she's began to see her as more reliable. A moment later, the girls get a text from Cocoa with a picture of a rabbit she saw.

As Mocha manages to track down the rabbit she begins to cuddle it when Aoyama approaches.

Meanwhile, Sharo and Chiya discuss the lovely pink flowers on the trees through town. Chiya begins to tease Sharo with a scary sounding story, but it turns out to be sad instead. She then goes on to claim she sees Anko nearby, causing her to cling to her until they spot Cocoa further down the path. They greet her and she explains her concerns over Mocha having not shown up yet and she was out looking for her since she isn't good with mechanical things and doesn't use them. The duo offer to lend her a hand and ask for help identifying her, but Cocoa's failed attempt to impersonate her sister causes them confusion.

Aoyama and Mocha chat about Cocoa and how she came to pay her a visit. It's been a year since they last saw each other, and Aoyama suggests that Mocha do something special to surprise her, like put on a disguise. As she enjoys the occasional prank Mocha agrees to it before Aoyama spots the books she wrote in her items. Delighted, Aoyama attempts to tell Mocha she is the author of the books, but Mocha doesn't believe her.

Meanwhile, Chino and Rize are chatting when Cocoa returns without her sister. A strange woman shows up wearing a mouth mask and sunglasses just then and she looks highly suspicious, causing a moment of alarm until Cocoa recognizes her as her sister and embraces her. Mocha thinks about earlier when she showed up hoping to catch Cocoa, but she actually caught Rize and Chino instead. They were very suspicious while trying to accommodate her as she took an order and observed the girls, having recognized them and Tippy from the pictures Cocoa sent the family. She compliments the relaxing vibe of Rabbit House and tries determining where Cocoa could be until her order arrives. She enjoys the drink but critiques the bread, and reaching into her bag she pulls out a pack of white powdery substance, which they panic thinking it might be drugs until realizing it's actually flour; which she carries around with her. Rize demands to know who this woman is and Mocha removes her disguise. She introduces herself and thanks them for being kind to Cocoa, then after being told that Cocoa went to look for her Mocha expresses annoyance since she told her to stay there and wait.

As she talks, Chino takes a moment to observe her and think about how much the two sisters look-alike. Mocha then shows them the various pictures Cocoa sent her and compliments both girls, saying that Chino is impressive for working at such a young age, then she calls Rize cute. Flustered, Rize runs away from her and Chino offers to let Mocha cuddle Tippy; only for her to grab Chino, along with Rize, who made threats and is surprised they didn't work at all. They offer to let Mocha rest once she releases them but she refuses, offering to lend them a hand until Cocoa returns and she headed into the nearby room to show them some baking tricks. They compare her efforts to those of Cocoa's and are surprised by how good the bread is.

Mocha happily thanks them while the other trio observe her from outside, finding Cocoa in tears at the sight of her sister "stealing" her friends from her and giving them the attention she tries to get so hard. Sharo and Chiya perk her up a bit and she thanks them, trying to figure out how to avoid awkwardly join them when Chiya gets an idea and dresses Cocoa up in a disguise before sending her in. To their surprise, they recognize her easily; with Mocha removing Cocoa's disguise and finding her in tears. The sisters embrace and Cocoa pulls away trying to show-off her big sister prowess, although nothing really happens. Mocha announces how she will be staying for a few days, and how she got permission beforehand, which makes Cocoa very happy. She offers to make her a drink as Chiya and Sharo come inside, deciding to get to know Mocha. She already knows them since Cocoa brought the up in the letter. Cocoa returns with a cute latte art drink, earning surprise and praise from Mocha.

That night, Mocha joins Cocoa and Chino in the bedroom and they decide to spend the night up to talk. Chino leaves to make some coffee for them, allowing the sisters a chance to catch up.

Meanwhile, Takahiro and Tippy chat over Mocha staying. Takahiro claims it was fine since they had the room and it's been so long since the girls saw each other, but Tippy is frustrated that Takahiro didn't tell him. Takahiro claims that Tippy can't keep secrets.

When Chino returns with the drinks she finds the sisters asleep. She covers them with a blanket and decides to leave, but not before she pauses to observe them. She begins to leave, only to reconsider and cuddle up to Cocoa beneath the blanket.


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