Stardust Mayim Mayim
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Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Yasuhiro Irie
Staging Yasuhiro Irie
Animation Director Lee Duk Ho,Cha Sang Hoon,Daisuke Saito,Shōko Yasuda
Japanese Air Date

December 19th, 2015

Opening No Poi!
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Stardust Mayim Mayim (スターダスト・マイムマイム?) is the eleventh episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


The girls arrive in the mountains and learn how to fend for themselves after a miscommunication leaves them with nothing. At this time, they bond in ways they have yet to discover.


Having arrived to the outdoors the girls happily embrace their new surroundings. Cocoa promises to bring Chino to her home some time, mentioning to everyone that they live in the mountains and the scenery reminds her of it. After a moment they return to the others when they call for them.

At the log cabin the girls observe the building as Rize explains her father giving them permission to borrow it during their stay. They are welcome to anything there- but as it turns out, there was some miscommunication and there's no food at all. Rize is shocked and by the time she can alert anyone the vehicle that brought them up as left. She tries contacting her dad but gets no signal, and as the girls notice Chino beginning to worry they attempt to calm her by saying they will be fine together. Chino is still concerned, but she decides to enjoy her time as they split up to go and do various activities.

While Chino, Maya, Cocoa, Sharo, and Rize go fishing, Megumi and Chiya will be gathering wild foods growing in the surrounding area. Cocoa assures everyone they will be fine, but she recalls how naughty she used to be as a child. She always promised to behave but usually didn't. Chino decides that in Mocha's place she will scold Cocoa if she acts up. Rize is disappointed when they arrive and it dons on her that she's the only one with any fishing experience. Maya voices excitement as the others promise to do their best.

As soon as they begin, both Sharo and Cocoa manage to get a fish each. As Cocoa happily comments that both she and Sharo caught a fish each and wonders how perfectly in sync with one-another, Sharo adamantly denies being anything like her, only for them both to catch another fish a the same time. Rize takes her own fish off of the hook and turns to find Maya a bit anxious over how to bring her own fish in. She sets her fish into the bucket and helps her, taking a picture for Maya to remember this moment. Maya gets up and decides to lay beneath a tree, satisfied and deciding she doesn't need to fish anymore.

Seeing all of the fish they caught, Chino starts to feel badly as she's not caught any yet. Cocoa offers to help her out but only makes Chino uncomfortable in the process. In the end, this strange method words and Chino catches a fish; but she isn't satisfied with this result.

Meanwhile, Megumi and Chiya spot some mushrooms. They note the strange and disturbing appearance of rot and grab them, believing there probably isn't anything wrong. However, it occurs to Chiya that they are obviously poisonous, and she assumed Megumi also knew it and would correct her, but since she didn't it feels awkward now.

The others prepare to go elsewhere but Chino remains in hopes of catching a fish on her own. But in her distraction, Cocoa's hat -that she lent to Chino- floats off her head and into the stream, forcing her to chase after it. She wades through the water and manages to catch it, but the stream pulls her down as she's making her way back out. She is very happy to find that she held onto the hat, but now she's even further away from the others, causing her to panic considering she's on the sandbar and cannot swim. She tries to wave for help but from where they are at, Maya and Rize are unable to tell she needs it, thinking she's just being social.

After a while, Rize swims over to Chino to check on her and help her back, confessing that she didn't realize something was wrong. As Sharo and Cocoa return with their bucket full of fish they find the girls damp and soaked with water. Chino explains what happened with Cocoa's hat, and to her surprise she finds a fish in it. She is very happy, but Cocoa chastises her saying she's much more important than the fish or hat- then she chews her own self out for being careless. Just then they find Maya, who looks stuck but is actually just swimming. A water fight occurs between the girls just as Megumi and Chiya return to see this display. They join in as the others welcome them and reveal all of the mushrooms they grabbed; only for Sharo to point out the ones they grabbed are inedible and poisonous. Before heading inside, Megumi demonstrates her ballet skill within the water and splashes everyone like a fountain.

Later, the girls hang their outfits to dry and enjoy laying around on a large blanket after eating dinner. As it turns out, Chiya had packed some rice balls -with Sharo criticizing her for taking so long to tell them when they were so worried- and they found some preserved food in the storage. By now, the girls aren't worried over food and have calmed down, but Chino recalls how serious Cocoa was scolding her earlier.

That evening, Megumi and Maya inform a sleeping Chino that a zombie outbreak occurred. She is very confused and alarmed, stuck in her sleeping bag as she quickly tries to make a break for it. But to her horror, she sees the girls are fine outside, and it was only a prank. None of the girls have any idea what she's talking about until Cocoa says something, causing Chino to temporarily faint. By the time she recovers the girls have set up a campfire as they make plans to spend the evening outside, due to the cabin's lack of power.

Rize apologizes for all of the problems they had, but everyone claims its been fine. However, everyone is starting to feel sleepy and Chino realizes if they go to sleep she would be on her own, since she just woke up. She calms down when Rize and Maya get them to reconsider however, saying they still have marshmallows to toast and its too early. Cocoa also points out that she brought a coffee maker with her; and quickly Sharo gets a caffeine buzz and together all of the girls dance the Mayim Mayim around the campfire. Maya suddenly then tells them to let go at once after they spin around extremely fast; while they all drop to their fronts or knees, Megumi is left spinning perfectly safe and comes to an elegant stop, while Chiya is some distance away from them but still standing. Sharo then embraces Rize to thank her for the fun they had and she starts to cry after everyone else agrees they had a lot of fun.

Soon, the marshmallows finish, along with a buttered potato that Chiya brought with her. Megumi, Maya, and Chino comment on how childish the group is but they get distracted after spotting a shooting star. Chino wishes that they will have fun again like this, and seeing this, the other girls make wishes too; only to express concern over the grudge Rize is holding for whoever caused them their difficulties to begin with.

At this time, Takahiro and Rize's father hang out in Rabbit House, discussing what he did. He asks for another glass of alcohol but when Takahiro refuses they decide to have a blowgun contest to decide. They discuss their time when they hung out together in the past, with both of them claiming to be winners.

As this is going on, Aoyama holds Tippy and makes a wish on a shooting star. Tippy grows a little flustered at this and he also makes a wish, with her happily hearing him speak.

Chino returns Cocoa's hat and admits that at first she felt anxious. But now she's happy and thanks Cocoa for everything; only to realize she's actually asleep. She takes a picture of it.

The next morning, the girls decide to prank Maya and Megumi by pretending to be zombies, along with Cocoa as she played a part in the first prank. Rize and Chino await Cocoa to wake up, and when she does to find the supposed zombies, she tries making a run for it still stuck in her sleeping bag outside of the tent, only to be scared by the others.


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  • The ending theme of this episode is ずっと一緒に from season 1 soundtrack.


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