A Day in Search of E
S2-10-Title Screen.png
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Kaori
Staging Kaori
Animation Director Daisuke Takemoto,Shunryō Yamamura
Japanese Air Date

December 12th, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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A Day in Search of E (Eを探す日常?) is the tenth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


While trying out the various school clubs, a curious Sharo and Rize begin to investigate the mysterious "Miss Emerald". Later, Cocoa worries that the girls didn't invite her to their upcoming mountain trip.


Several classmates watch as Rize plays a game of basketball. She waves to them, with a flustered Sharo attempting to show her own support. Rize goes on to play tennis, with the same results.

At Rabbit House, as Rize informs the girls of what happened Cocoa becomes convinced that Sharo wants to join a school club. Chiya agrees, although she truly believes Sharo was only there to support Rize. She suggests that Rize asks Sharo to join her, and Rize agrees after thinking about how nice it could be. Cocoa wishes she had a club after school, but Chino worries that she wouldn't enjoy work as much and quit. Aoyama -who is nearby- suggests they start a club there, then she recalls how she was part of the literary club. She couldn't decide between it and the blowgun club, which surprises Chino when Chiya brings up how good Sharo is at blowguns, as was her grandmother a long time back. Inspired, Cocoa suggests making Rabbit House a blowgun cafe after pointing out there is a dart cafe.

The next day at school, Rize brings up how she would like to have Sharo join her in the various clubs lacking members. Sharo doesn't believe she will do well but Rize insists that it's only practice, so they should focus on having fun and not worrying over skill. Sharo agrees and they change clothes, starting out with softball. They also handle a mystery in Drama Club, Commoner Studies, and Equestrian Club. Noticing how busy Rize is with the various clubs, Sharo decides to organize her plans to help her out. She reads through the schedule to see that they have Dressmaking and Blowgun Club left to do. As Sharo stands to the side, she hears some girls speaking of a "legendary student". She brings up what she heard when she gives Rize a towel, then they ask the girls who this student is. They learn that the student led all sorts of clubs to victory with her advice, and she was known as "Miss Emerald".

Noting how alike this Miss Emerald and Rize is, Sharo is encouraged to learn more about the girl. She asks Rize to join her but she isn't really interested, although she agrees noticing how much Sharo seems to want to do it. They head off to the Dressmaking Club and Sharo brings up Miss Emerald, but the girl refuses to tell them anything without a price first, deciding to hold a contest where they will both design an outfit for Rize. If she loses, she must wear a "bold outfit" none of them are allowed to wear: a blue Alice-inspired maid uniform. The girls are initially surprised until Sharo informs them of how similar it is to her work uniform and Rize is amazed by its cuteness.

With that, the Dressmaking Club reveal the attire they made for Rize, a stylized uniform with a cape. Sharo adores it and she gives up on the spot, being forced into the other outfit, which she doesn't mind at all since it's so cute. The girls compliment how adorable she looks in it when Rize spots Sharo's own work and thinks about how cute it is too.

Rize and Sharo make their way to Blowgun Club to ask about Miss Emerald, and once again the leader refuses unless they beat her first. But if they lose Rize must join their team. She even offers to give them a handicap thinking they would need it as Rize accepts. Sharo voices concern until Rize assures her it will go fine; until she realizes how poorly she is actually doing, missing each time. Sharo begins to worry, but as it turns out she is actually very good at it. Rize and the Blowgun leader are impressed, but Sharo is convinced it was nothing more than a fluke; right before she gets another perfect. While she isn't sure how she did it -unaware of her natural skill since she was younger- she happily celebrates with Rize. The Club leader approaches them to reveal Miss Emerald's first name is Midori, but she knows nothing else other than her true club being literature. Although she jumped around several clubs, someone always brought her back.

Unable to find much else the girls change back into their uniforms and express disappointment. After Sharo remarks on her ponytail, she tries to convince Rize to switch back to her pigtails because they look better on her. Rize finds this amusing and lets her hair loose before happily commenting on how much fun Sharo had today. She then recalls that she wished to have Sharo help her with something and they head back home, stopping to deliver some envelopes into a mailbox.

Later, Sharo arrives home to find Chiya, and she goes on to reveal Rize's idea until she spots a paper sticking out of Chiya's apron. Chiya hands it to her while saying Cocoa made it earlier, and she is very surprised to see it's advertising the Blowgun club at Rabbit House.

Aoyama is trying to think but she has issues and stops to order another Blue Mountain drink. When the brings it to her, Cocoa curiously asks her what her real name is, since Blue Mountain sounds so abstract. Just then a girl bursts into the Cafe and Aoyama dives beneath the table, only for the girl to catch her. She drags Aoyama out after she quietly informs the girls that this girl is her editor. The girl chews Aoyama out for being so lazy and hard to find, saying she's been this way since high school. She snaps at her for pretending as though she isn't there and tells her to hurry up, addressing her as Midori. Cocoa is surprised to hear this as the girl yanks her out of Rabbit House to resume yelling at her.

Later, with the girls having an off-day Chino anticipates building a bottle ship she set aside for the occasion. Cocoa joins her in her room and tries to convince her to come outside and play, but Chino refuses. She hands over Tippy and shuts the door.

A tired Sharo relaxes in bed and decides to just take the day off when Cocoa shows up to invite her to come out to play. Sharo makes a comment that causes her to panic and she leaves to visit Chiya, only to realize that she's too busy to play with her. She makes a visit to Rize but she doesn't answer, with the man opposite of the entrance telling her to leave because Rize is too busy. Cocoa sadly walks through the park when she spots Aoyama, who invites Cocoa to play with her for a bit. Unfortunately her editor locates her and Aoyama tries to claim she is Cocoa, although her editor isn't careless enough to mistaken them, and she drags her away.

Cocoa eventually trudges back to Rabbit House, where Takahiro offers her a coffee maker and suggests she helps Chino by using it. Cocoa eagerly accepts and she returns to Chino's bedroom, where she is busily putting in a small piece. Cocoa yells at the door to try to get her to make some coffee with her but Chino rejects so that she can focus on her ship. After a moment, she gets up and approaches the door to find Cocoa is now gone, and she returns to her bottle.

The next morning, Cocoa wakes up to hear several familiar voices and she spots everyone outside. She opens the door to ask what they are up to, causing the girls to express surprise and tell her to hurry up, they need to get ready for their overnight trip to the mountains. Cocoa clearly doesn't remember these supposed plans and Chiya brings up that Rize invited everyone to spend the day at the mountains. Cocoa is confused and the girls realize she must have not gotten the invite, which makes Cocoa fret that they were intentionally leaving her out. She can't understand why they would all choose Rize over her and she runs back inside, past the bewildered Chino.

Rize arrives and upon noticing the confusion, the group head inside to speak with Cocoa. Megumi points out that Cocoa seems not to have known about the plans, and Rize tries figuring out why she didn't get the invitation since she made one for everyone, Chino claims she did, and the girls dig around to find it in Cocoa's uniform pocket. As it dons on the girls how little attention they gave her recently, they determine her sudden sensitivity lately. Rize continues to try to ease Cocoa out, offering to let her cuddle her. Slowly Cocoa allows them into the room, but the girls try to convince Cocoa to join them instead. Chino gets an idea and starts talking to Cocoa through the door, inviting her to play with them. In seconds Cocoa opens the door -already prepared- and everyone happily notes that she would never get angry with them.

Outside, the girls prepare to board the transportation that will lead them to the mountains while Takahiro and Tippy see them off. Excitedly they discuss what the cottage they will be staying at, and Chino realizes this will be her first time leaving and she quietly worries that she may not be okay without her father or Tippy. Cocoa comforts Chino by lending her the hat she was wearing, then she reveals the crossword puzzle book Chino brought along and how she's been solving it.

The ride continues as Chino wonders what the mountains are like.


By order of appearances.

  • Rize
  • Sharo
  • Cocoa
  • Chiya
  • Chino
  • Tippy
  • Aoyama
  • Takahiro


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  • The episode title A Day in Search of E (Eを探す日常?) is a play on the name of a duet song performed by Syaro and Rize.


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